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University Catalog 2017-2018 
University Catalog 2017-2018

Department of Air Force Aerospace Studies

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Professor of Aerospace Studies
Lt Col James D. Norman, USAF


More information about the Department of Air Force Aerospace Studies can be obtained by writing:

Department of Air Force Aerospace Studies
P.O. Box 3154
Louisiana Tech University
Ruston, LA 71272
(318) 257-4937/2740

or visiting


Air Force ROTC is open to all students in any major pursuing a bachelors, masters, or doctoral degree.


The Mission of Air Force ROTC is to train students to become future leaders in the U.S. Air Force. AFROTC provides instruction and experience to all cadets in a diversified university environment so they can graduate with the knowledge, character, and motivation essential to becoming leaders in the world's greatest and most respected Air Force. Individuals who successfully complete either the three- or four-year program will be commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the U. S. Air Force.


Air Force ROTC Detachment 305's objective is to recruit, select, educate, and commission quality officer candidates.

Requirements for Admission

General Military Course (freshmen and sophomores): Enrollment requirements are as follows:

  1. possess good moral character,
  2. must meet age requirements for commissioning,
  3. be medically qualified, and
  4. be admitted to the University as a regular full-time student.

Professional Officer Course (juniors and seniors): Students are selected for the POC on a competitive basis. In addition to those requirements mentioned for the GMC, entrance into the POC requires that a student be a U. S. citizen; meet mental and physical requirements for commissioning; have satisfactorily completed approximately 60 semester hours toward his or her degree; and be in good standing in the institution. Those enrolled in the POC will sign an oath of allegiance to the U. S. and receive a monthly monetary stipend.

Application Requirements

There is no application procedure for the four year program. Students may simply register for Air Force ROTC in the same manner and at the same time they register for other college courses.

Three- and Four Year Program: This is divided into two distinct categories the General Military Course (GMC) and the Professional Officer Course (POC). Any university student may enroll in the GMC. Enrolling in the GMC incurs no military obligation unless on scholarship status. Students may then compete for entry into the POC during their last two years of college. Selection into the POC is highly competitive and is based upon qualification after an Air Force medical examination, scores achieved on standardized tests (the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT), SAT, or ACT), grade-point-average, physical fitness test, and successful completion of a Field Training course.

Leadership Laboratory Training

In addition to academic training, enrollment in the corresponding Leadership Laboratory is open to students who are members of the Reserve Officer Training Corps or are eligible to pursue a commission. Leadership Laboratory consists of physical, military, and leadership training including the operation of the Cadet Corps. The Cadet Corps is comprised exclusively of cadets. All plans and programs are developed and executed by The Cadet Corps.

Field Training

All cadets must complete Field Training which consists of academic work, orientation to the Air Force environment, and traditional military training. Three- and four-year program cadets attend four weeks of Field Training, normally between their sophomore and junior years.

Requirements for Commission

Upon completion of the AFROTC Professional Officers Course and receipt of a baccalaureate degree, cadets are eligible for commission as Second Lieutenants in the United States Air Force.

Monetary Allowance While in the POC

All POC members receive a monthly tax-free stipend during this two-year course. Currently students enrolled in the first year of the POC (typically juniors) receive a $450 monthly stipend while students enrolled in the final year (typically seniors) of the POC receive a $500 monthly stipend.

College Scholarship Program

Each year the Air Force awards a number of four-, three-, and two-year scholarships on a competitive basis to highly qualified students. Scholarships provide full tuition, most laboratory fees, textbook, and incidental fees, and out-of-state fees if applicable, plus $300 to $500 per month for 10 months each year the scholarship is in effect. Louisiana Tech supplements high school AFROTC scholarship winners and in-college scholarship recipients with full room and board as an incentive for coming to Tech. An AFROTC college scholarship recipient in any four-year degree program must not turn 31 years of age before December 31 of the year of commissioning.

Books and Uniforms

All uniforms and textbooks required for AFROTC courses are furnished by Louisiana Tech and the U. S. Air Force.

Extracurricular Activities

AFROTC sponsors a number of organizations that provide avenues for further personal development for qualified and interested cadets.

  • Arnold Air Society. The Emmett O'Donnell Squadron of the Arnold Air Society is an organization dedicated to promoting a better understanding of the role of air power in the aerospace age. This is a national honorary society limited to selected cadets who demonstrate outstanding academic and leadership traits.
  • Honor Guard. The Valkyrie Honor Guard is a military group composed of cadets who perform a variety of ceremonial functions. Those include providing a color guard for campus and civic activities, giving precision drill exhibitions, and competing at the national level in drill competitions.
  • Orientation Flights and Air Base Visitation. Members are afforded opportunities to fly in military aircraft for purposes of orientation and familiarization. Air Force base visitations are also offered and encouraged.
  • Formal Military Ball. Cadets sponsor a formal Military Ball annually for the members of the Corps and their invited quests.
  • Intramural Sports. AFROTC sponsors teams and individuals in all campus sports events.
  • Housing. Dorm rooms can be reserved for ROTC cadets. Requests for room availability must be made through detachment personnel.
  • Grambling State University (GSU) Students. Air Force ROTC is open to GSU students through the Inter-institutional Cooperative Program (ICP). For more details, see Chapter 7 of this catalog for information on the Inter-institutional Cooperative Program between GSU and TECH.
  • University of Louisiana-Monroe (ULM) Students. Air Force ROTC is open to ULM students through the Detachment Crosstown Agreement to Extend AFROTC Instruction to Students at Institutions Not Hosting AFROTC. Admission, enrollment, tuition and fee payments are handled in accordance with the provisions of the signed agreement.
  • Northwestern State University (NSULA) Students. Air Force ROTC is open to ULM students through the Detachment Crosstown Agreement to Extend AFROTC Instruction to Students at Institutions Not Hosting AFROTC. Admission, enrollment, tuition and fee payments are handled in accordance with the provisions of the signed agreement.
  • Academic Credit. The classroom work in both the General Military and Professional Officer Courses is classified as elective work and is credited in varying amounts, depending on the student's degree program. Students should consult with the dean of their particular college if in doubt of the amount of credit allowed.


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