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    Louisiana Tech University
  Jan 19, 2018
University Catalog 2017-2018

Graduate Programs: College of Liberal Arts

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Donald P. Kaczvinsky

Associate Dean
Stephen Webre

School of Communication
Brenda L. Heiman, Director

School of Design
Karl Puljak, Director

School of History and Social Science
Jason Pigg, Director

School of Literature and Language
Susan Roach, Director

School of the Performing Arts
Mark D. Guinn, Director

Department of Professional Aviation
Jordan G. Lyons, Head


More information about the College of Liberal Arts can be obtained by writing to the following address:

College of Liberal Arts
P.O. Box 10018
Louisiana Tech University
Ruston, LA 71272

and by visiting

Graduate Degrees Offered

Master of Architecture

  • Architecture

Master of Arts

  • English (with concentrations in Literature or Technical Writing)
  • History
  • Speech (with concentrations in Speech Communication or Theatre)
  • Speech Pathology

Master of Fine Arts

  • Art (with concentrations in Graphic Design, Photography, and Studio)

Doctor of Audiology

  • Audiology

Graduate Certificates Offered

  • Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing and Communication

Admission Requirements

GRE scores are one factor used in evaluating applications for graduate studies in the College of Liberal Arts. Academic units in the College of Liberal Arts may differ in their use of GRE scores as a factor for evaluating applications in their respective degree program (if approved by the Graduate School). If a requirement, students applying for graduate programs in the College of Liberal Arts must submit GRE scores at least four weeks prior to registration. Only after the GRE scores are received will the applicant receive the final review for admission to the relevant graduate program. In exceptional circumstances, that deadline may be extended but only to the end of the student's first quarter.

Thesis/Non-Thesis Plans

Academic units in the College of Liberal Arts differ in their thesis requirements. Some units do not require a thesis while other units have both thesis and non-thesis tracks. The thesis may be an academic thesis or combined academic/creative thesis, depending on the academic unit. Students should check with their academic unit about thesis options and guidelines for those theses, in addition to checking with the Graduate School about general thesis guidelines.

Graduate Certificate Program

The College of Liberal Arts offers a non-degree track Graduate Certificate Program designed for baccalaureate degree holders to enhance their mastery of a subject area without completing a master's program.

Students in Graduate Certificate programs complete a pre-determined set of graduate courses leading to a graduate certificate in their respective program. Students should consult the Graduate School sections of this Catalog for admission requirements and the specific academic unit offering the graduate certificate program for curriculum and plan of study.

Research in the College of Liberal Arts

Louisiana Tech University is committed to quality in teaching, research, creative activity, and public service. Research in the College of Liberal Arts promotes research and creative activity by faculty and students. The main sources of research funds are federal and state agencies, private foundations, and industry.


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