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University Catalog 2017-2018 
University Catalog 2017-2018

Music, Music Education - Vocal Concentration (BA)

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Requirements for Music Majors

Students selecting a major in music will be required to:

  • Select a major instrument from the following: brass, woodwinds, percussion, guitar, keyboard, strings or voice.
  • Music majors must have no grade lower than a "C" in any required music class.
  • Pass the piano proficiency requirements by the end of the 6th quarter of study.
  • Complete 10 quarters of MUAP 100  .
  • Attend specified departmental and School of the Performing Arts performances each quarter.
  • Perform during MUAP 100 - Recital Hour:
    • Performance Concentration, 3 times each academic year;
    • Liberal Arts and Education Concentrations, 2 times each academic year.
    • In all cases, only one chamber ensemble performance may be counted.
  • Enroll each quarter in the major ensemble that corresponds to the students primary applied instrument (except students participating in student teaching). Major ensembles include Concert Choir, Wind Ensemble, Chamber Singers, Concert Band, and Marching Band. Students whose primary applied instrument is guitar or piano typically enroll in a vocal ensemble, but may enroll in an instrumental ensemble if accepted by audition by the director.
  • Participate in juries at the end of each quarter or as required by the individual studio.
  • Apply for upper division status after 6 quarters of study. (See private teacher for form.) Prerequisites: Pass all parts of the proficiency exam in piano; vocal majors must pass all three diction courses.
  • Students must be enrolled in Applied Study (MUPV 400-level) concurrently with enrollment in Undergraduate Recital (MUAP 399  or MUAP 499 ).

Students transferring concentrations within the Department (Liberal Arts to Performance, flute to clarinet, etc.) must audition for the new concentration and adopt the requirements of the new curriculum It is reasonable to assume that a music student accepts full responsibility for knowing the policies and regulations of the School of the Performing Arts and Department of Music requirements relevant to his or her individual degree program.

Music Curriculum (BA)

The Department of Music offers the Bachelor of Arts in Music with a choice of four concentrations (Liberal Arts, Performance, Instrumental Education, and Vocal Education) that provide the necessary coursework to prepare students for various career options in music. All music students must confer once each quarter with his/her advisor to check academic status and to plan future work,

The Education Concentrations are designed for the student interested in becoming certified by the state of Louisiana to teach vocal or instrumental music education at the K-12 level. Students choosing this concentration are advised to read the requirements for admission to the Teacher Education Program as outlined in the College of Education section of this Catalog and discuss those requirements with the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, College of Education. Total Credit Hours: 138

Music-General Education Requirements (GER):

English (GER)

Fine Arts (GER)

Humanities (GER)

  • COMM 101: Principles of Communication Studies 3 Semester Credit Hours
  • HIST 102: World History Since 1500 3 Semester Credit Hours (IER)

  • Select one Humanities (GER) course from the following disciplines: Literature, Foreign Languages, History, Classical Studies, Communications, Philosophy, Religious Studies, or Interdisciplinary.  NOTE: some of these subject matter disciplines may not be offered at Louisiana Tech University.  3 Semester Credit Hours

Mathematics (GER)

Natural Sciences (GER)

To complete the Natural Sciences (GER) requirements, you  must take 6 semester hours from one category and 3 semester hours from the other.  Therefore:

  • Select one Life Science course from the following disciplines: Animal Science, Biology, Biochemistry, Botany, Environmental Science, Plant Science, or Zoology.  NOTE: some of these subject matter disciplines may not be offered at Louisiana Tech University. 3 Semester Credit Hours

    • and

  • Select one Physical Science course from the following disciplines: Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Astronomy, or Meteorology.  NOTE: some of these subject matter disciplines may not be offered at Louisiana Tech University. 3 Semester Credit Hours

    • and

  • Select one additional course from either Physical or Life Science.  3 Semester Credit Hours

Social/Behavioral Sciences (GER)

From the following disciplines, select two Social/Behavioral Sciences (GER) courses.  6 Semester Credit Hours

  • Behavioral Science: Psychology, Sociology
  • Social Science: Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Economics, Geography, International Studies, Interdisciplinary, Political Science

Total: 37 SCH

Music-Core Classes:

Major Courses

Total: 43 (46 Vocal Majors) SCH

Music-Core and Concentration Notes:

  1. Performance, Composition, and Liberal Arts concentrations only.
  2. Vocal Performance concentration only.
  3. Must complete 6 separate quarters of applied study at the 200-level and at the 400-level on the same instrument; 3 quarters at the 400-level for Education concentrations.
  4. Performance concentrations will take 2xxB for sophomore year and 4xxB for 6 quarters for a total of 21 hours.
  5. Must complete 6 separate quarters of a major ensemble at the 200-level and the remaining hours at the 400-level.
  6. Must be in the same language. Three hours can count towards Humanities (GER).
  7. Must complete 8 of the 9 method classes, and not take the method class which includes their major instrument.
  8. Requires 6 hours of applied piano minor beyond class piano.
  9. Required for the Composition concentration.
  10. During the final year of composition lessons students must produce a choir composition and a band or orchestra piece.
  11. Must include MUAP 111  , MUAP 112  , & MUAP 113  or equivalent to pass piano proficiency.

Requirements for the Music Education - Vocal Concentration

Major Courses


** In addition to all degree course work listed in the education concentrations, students choosing one of the education concentrations must complete all of the pedagogical education requirements found in the Bachelor of Science in Education, Multiple Levels Gr K-12 certifying curriculum, located in the College of Education section of the Louisiana Tech University Catalog.

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