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    Louisiana Tech University
  Nov 19, 2017
University Catalog 2017-2018

Engineering (PhD) Materials and Infrastructure Systems Concentration

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General Core Courses (9 SCH)

Take the following 3 courses (9 SCH):

Disciplinary (Materials and Infrastructure Systems) Core Courses

Choose any 4 of the following courses (12 SCH):

Qualifying Examinations (No Credit)

In order to take ENGR 685 , a PhD student may contact the PhD program coordiantor and at least 4 instructors who taught those core courses or electives.  One or two exam questions are requested from each instructor, and the coordinator collects all the questions and selects four or five for the exam.  The exam is usually open-book or take-home.  For the take-home exam, question(s) are handed out, answers are attempted without help from others, and the exam is returned within a specific period of time.

Dissertation Enhancement Seminar in Engineering (1 SCH)

A PhD student must complete three one-SCH ENGR 611  seminar courses.  ENGR 611  is typically offered each Fall quarter, and ENGR 611 -004 is applicable for the emphasis area of Materials and Infrastructure Systems.  For students admitted to the program before Spring 2016, they can either take one three-SCH ENGR 610  course or three one-SCH ENGR 611  courses.

Independent Study and Special Topics (12 SCH)

At least two Doctoral Level Special Topics courses (ENGR 657 ) are part of the required course work for the degree, for a total of 6 SCH.

A PhD student must participate in 6 SCH of Doctoral Independent Study (ENGR 650 ) under the supervision of a faculty member.  Independent Study can be a preparation for the research leading to the dissertation.

Recommended Elective Courses (12 SCH)

Choose 4 of the following courses (12 SCH):  (or from the courses not included in the student's program from teh above core course lists.  Note: No more than two other graduate courses may be substituted for the courses in Materials and Infrastructure Systems course lists.  Also, such substitution courses must be applicable to the area of thesis research and be approved by the student's committee.)

Research and Dissertation (18 SCH)

Complete 9 SCH of ENGR 651  prior to ENGR 686 .  After successful completion of ENGR 686 , the student will beomce a PhD Candidate and will complete at least 9 SCH of ENGR 751 .  For ENGR 651  or ENGR 751 , registration in any quarter is for 1 to 3 semester hours or multiples thereof, up to a maximum of 9 semester hours per quarter.

Total (66 SCH)

45 SCH of coursework + 3 SCH of doctoral seminar courses + 9 SCH of Pre-candidacy Doctoral Research + 9 SCH of Post-candidacy Dissertation Research = 66 SCH

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