Oct 17, 2021  
University Catalog 2020-2021 
University Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemistry (BS)

CIP Code = 400501

Chemistry Curriculum (BS)

Freshman Year

Humanities (GER)

Natural Sciences (GER)

English (GER)

Mathematics (GER)

Social Science (GER)

  • Social Science (GER) 3 Semester Credit Hours

Major Courses

Total: 32 SCH

Sophomore Year

Natural Sciences (GER)

Fine Arts (GER)

Major Courses

Total: 29 SCH

Junior Year

Humanities (GER)

Major Courses

Total: 30 SCH

Senior Year

Humanities (GER)

  • History 3 Semester Credit Hours

Social/Behavioral Sciences (GER)

  • Social/Behavioral Sciences (GER) 3 Semester Credit Hours

Major Courses

Total: 29 SCH

Total Semester Hours 120

*Technical electives must be selected in consultation with a faculty advisor. MATH 308  is recommended.

**The ACS certified BS requires twelve hours of 400-level in-depth classes. If CHEM 498  is used as a 400-level class for ACS certification, a written report that meets ACS standards for undergraduate research is required.

***Each senior student must conduct an undergraduate research Capstone Project which demonstrates integration and synthesis of chemistry skills. The duration of the Capstone Project must be two or more quarters.

****Each senior student must submit a Career Portfolio that documents major aspects of chemistry training and experience.

Dual Degree in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

If your primary degree program is in Chemical Engineering, the following changes to the Chemistry curriculum will allow you to obtain dual degrees in Chemical Engineering and in Chemistry.

In addition to the classes required for the Chemical Engineering degree, you must take the following classes:

  • PHYS 202 , PHYS 261  and PHYS 262 
  • CHEM 205 , CHEM 254 , CHEM 281 , CHEM 312 , CHEM 314 , CHEM 351 , CHEM 390 , CHEM 466 , CHEM 481  and CHEM 490 
  • An additional 3-credit advanced (300-level or higher chemistry elective
  • A minimum of 30 semester hours are required in addition to the requirements for the Chemical Engineering degree
  • Students interested in pursuing a dual degree program in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry should contact the Chemistry Program Chair for a curriculum review and detailed requirements about the program.