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University Catalog 2020-2021 
University Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English (MA)

CIP Code = 230101

The graduate program in English is designed to be thorough, comprehensive, and culturally broad. Graduates of the program typically go on to doctoral programs in English or pursue teaching careers at the high school or junior college level. Those students choosing the technical writing concentration often enter business and government. The Department of English maintains a collaborative electronic-learning agreement with University of Louisiana at Monroe and a cooperative agreement with Louisiana State University at Shreveport to provide graduate-level video courses. Details of these agreements are available from the department office. The English Department offers a limited number of teaching assistantships awarded on a competitive basis.

Admission Requirements

An applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. For unconditional admission, normally, a minimum of 24 hours must be in English. At least 12 of these hours should be at the junior or senior level. Students with a major or minor in English are especially encouraged to apply. A student interested in the MA in English with a concentration in either Literature or Technical Writing, but who does not meet the above requirements, can apply but may be required to do additional coursework. For admission to the MA in English, all applicants must submit a one-page statement of purpose indicating objectives and areas of interest. In place of the GRE as a criterion for admission, applicants are required to submit a portfolio writing sample of 15 pages of sustained writing (1 or 2 papers).

Non-Thesis/Thesis Plans

Non-Thesis Plan: A student must complete a total of 33 hours of graduate credit and pass comprehensive written and oral examinations based on a reading list in the student’s approved areas of interest. At least 6 of the required 11 courses must be at the 500 level, one of which must be ENGL 591 . The remaining five courses may be taken either at the 500 level or at the 400 level (designated for Graduate credit). Departmental approval is required for a student’s plan of study.

Thesis Plan: A student must complete a minimum of 33 hours of graduate credit in English, consisting of courses at the 400-level (designated for Graduate credit) and at the 500-level. Six of the 33 hours must be earned in LBAR 551: Research and Thesis , and these hours must be taken in consecutive quarters. In addition to the 6 thesis hours of LBAR 551 , the 33 hours must include at least 4 other 500-level courses, one of which must be ENGL 591 . Finally, the student must pass a one-hour oral defense.