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University Catalog 2022-2023 
University Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Forestry (BSF)

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Forestry Curriculum (BSF)

The degree of Bachelor of Science in Forestry is a professional program that is accredited by the Society of American Foresters and includes concentrations in Forest Management and Wildlife Habitat Management.  Forestry is an incorporative profession that draws from the biological, physical, social and managerial sciences. The degree offers a strong background in the understanding of the complexities of forest resources and the interactions between biological, economic, and social demands placed on them.

The 120 semester credit hour Forestry program contains a professional core of 63 credit hours of forestry and related natural resource courses, including 8 credit hours of Geographic Information Science. The concentrations consist of 18 or 16 credit hours of either forest management or wildlife habitat management related natural resources and biology courses, respectively.

The program emphasizes the biological and managerial skills needed to ensure the sustainability of the many renewable forest and wildlife resources on which society depends. Successful completion of the curriculum will provide competency in the areas of basic science; forest biology, ecosystem processes, structure and function; timber inventory and growth; soil formation, properties and classification; site productivity; silvicultural principles of stand structure and composition; regeneration and intermediate operations; resource protection; economics and finance; decision making and problem solving; communications and many other activities carried out in the production and management of forest and wildlife resources.

Graduates of the Forestry program will find employment as professional foresters or wildlife managers in private forest industries and organizations; forestry and environmental consulting firms; public agencies, including the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, Natural Resources Conservation Service; state and local government natural resource agencies, and many others. Graduates are also qualified for employment as research technicians in government, university and private laboratories, or may continue their education through specialized graduate degrees at universities across the country.

General Education Requirements

Fine Arts (GER): 3 SCHs

English (GER): 6 SCHs

Humanities (GER): 9 SCHs

  • 3 Semester Credit Hours
  • Select two Humanities (GER) courses from the following disciplines: Literature, Foreign Languages, History, Classical Studies, Communications, Philosophy,  Religious Studies, or Interdisciplinary.  NOTE: some of these subject matter disciplines may not be offered at Louisiana Tech University. 6 Semester Credit Hours

Mathematics (GER): 6 SCHs

Natural Sciences (GER): 9 SCHs*

Social/Behavioral Sciences (GER): 6 SCHs

Select two Social/Behavioral Sciences courses from the following disciplines:

  • Social Sciences - Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Economics, Geography, International Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, or Political Science
  • Behavioral Sciences - Psychology, or Sociology
  • NOTE: some of these subject matter disciplines may not be offered at Louisiana Tech University.  6 Semester Credit Hours

Professional Courses:

Forestry Core: 63 SCHs

Statistics Elective: 3 SCHs

Forestry Concentration Areas

Concentration courses chosen by student in consultation with advisor from one of the following concentrations:

Total Semester Hours 120


* Natural Sciences:  Students opting for the Wildlife Habitat Mgt Concentration must select the BISC 130-133 biological sciences courses to meet other course prerequisite requirements and to be eligible to qualify for Wildlife Biologist certification through The Wildlife Society.

** Physical Sciences:  Must complete 3 credit hours of a Physical Science either CHEM 100 series (100 & 101) or CHEM 120 or Geology or Physics


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