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University Catalog 2022-2023 
University Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Interior Design (BID)

CIP Code = 040501

Interior Design Mission Statement

To rigorously engage in student-centered learning focused on the interplay between surface and volume, light and color, texture and pattern, scale and status, and movement and view in order to prepare an individual to become a specialist in the art (poetic expression), craft (technical processes), and practice (professional services) of giving physical shape, sustainability, and identity to the interior spaces that we move through, exist in, and use in our daily lives. The Interior Design program is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA), and academically prepares the student for the NCIDQ exam en route to becoming a fully qualified interior designer.

Bachelor of Interior Design Curriculum (BID)

Students transferring into interior design from another accredited institution are required to earn a minimum of 32 credit hours from Louisiana Tech University to be eligible for the award of the Bachelor of Interior Design degree; additional course work beyond the 125 credit hours stipulated in the curriculum may be required to meet equivalency requirements.

Freshman Year - Foundation Level

English (GER)

Humanities (GER)

Mathematics (GER)

Major Courses

Total: 30 SCH


The Interior Design Program requires that each student entering the Sophomore Year have access to a laptop computer in class for the written, calculating, and graphic work associated with required courses.

Sophomore Year - Foundation Level

Humanities (GER)

  • Select one Humanities (GER) course from the following disciplines:  Literature, Foreign Languages, History, Classical Studies, Communications, Philosophy Religious Studies, or Interdisciplinary.  NOTE: some of these subject matter disciplines may not be offered at Louisiana Tech University.  3 Semester Credit Hours

Natural Sciences (GER)

Social/Behavioral Sciences (GER)

From the following disciplines, select two Social/Behavioral Sciences (GER) courses.  6 Semester Credit Hours

  • Social Science: Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Economics, Geography, International Studies, Interdisciplinary, Political Science
  • Behavioral Science: Psychology, Sociology

Major Courses

Total: 33 SCH

Junior Year - Professional Concentration

Natural Sciences (GER)

To complete the Natural Sciences (GER) requirements, you must have taken 6 semester hours from one category and 3 semester hours from the other.  Therefore:

  • Select one Life Science course from the following disciplines: Animal Science, Biology, Biochemistry, Botany, Environmental Science, Plant Science, or Zoology.  NOTE: some of these subject matter disciplines may not be offered at Louisiana Tech University. 3 Semester Credit Hours
    • or
  • Select one Physical Science course from the following disciplines: Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Astronomy, or Meteorology. NOTE: some of these subject matter disciplines may not be offered at Louisiana Tech University. 3 Semester Credit Hours

Major Courses


  • Electives  3 Semester Credit Hours

Total: 33 SCH

Senior Year - Professional Concentration

Major Courses


  • Electives  9 Semester Credit Hours

Total: 29 SCH

Total Semester Hours 125

No grade lower than a “C” in Art, Architecture, or Interior Design courses will apply toward the Bachelor of Interior Design degree.

All students are required to acquire a minimum of 400 clock hours of interior design practice experience and/or interior design-related community service after the Foundation Level to satisfy graduation requirements.