Mar 29, 2020  
University Catalog 2016-2017 
University Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Engineering (PhD) Micro and Nanoscale Systems Concentration

Required General Core Courses

Take all of the following (9 SCH):

Micro/Nanotechnology Core Courses

Take the first two and choose two from the remaining three:  (12 SCH)

Qualifying Examinations

Doctoral Seminar (3 hours)

All students are required to enroll in 3 SCH of the Dissertation Enhancement Seminar (ENGR 611 - Section 5 ) as part of the course work for the degree.

Independent Study and Special Topics (12 SCH)

Students may enroll in 6 SCH or more of doctoral level special topic courses (ENGR 657 ) as part of the course work for the degree.

Students may enroll in 6 SCH of Doctoral Independent Study (ENGR 650 ) under the supervision of a faculty member.  Independent study can be a prepartaion for the research leading to the dissertation.

Recommended Elective Courses

Choose four or more of hte following to complete to reach 48 SCH of courses (12+SCH):

Research and Dissertation (18 SCH)

Complete 9 SCH of ENGR 651  prior to ENGR 686 .  After successful completion of ENGR 686 , the student will beomce a PhD Candidate and will complete at least 9 SCH of ENGR 751 .  For ENGR 651  or ENGR 751 , registration in any quarter is for 1 to 3 semester hours or multiples thereof, up to a maximum of 9 semester hours per quarter.

Total (66 SCH)

45 SCH of coursework + 3 SCH of doctoral seminar courses + 9 SCH of Pre-candidacy Doctoral Research + 9 SCH of Post-candidacy Dissertation Research = 66 SCH