Jun 20, 2024  
Racing Form 

Racing Form

Schedule of Classes (The Racing Form)

All dates regarding courses going “live” on BOSS (view “Available Course Sections” here) can be found on the ACADEMIC CALENDAR. This option provides real-time data on seat availability, faculty teaching assignments, and course meeting schedules (days and times). Change(s) to class information is “live” in “Available Course Sections” immediately after loading into the database. This area is also available to the general public. Please refresh your browser and check the link frequently for any changes.

The web based Schedule of Classes   will be updated on the same day as they become available on BOSS.  The most accurate and real-time data can be found on BOSS by viewing “Available Course Sections”.

Early Registration for the next term (including Fall with Summer) begins for students currently enrolled in classes.

Registration Priorities  displays the priority for registration.  The ACADEMIC CALENDAR will have all the actual dates listed.

Payment Deadlines and Purges  for tuition/fee payment instructions and deadlines to confirm your schedule on your Account Summary, or complete payment on your Account Summary. Remember, failure to complete this process results in the loss of your pre-registered schedule.

***PLEASE NOTE: Courses offered at Tech Barksdale are open to non-military/civilians as well as service members. To attend courses at Tech Barksdale, non-military/civilian students should complete steps to obtain a base pass, which includes a background check. It is the student’s responsibility to complete this process no less than 2 weeks prior to the course start date. There are 2 convenient locations to complete required base pass documentation.